Gigabytes Aero 14 Oled (2023) Specification, Key Feature's & Price

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Gigabytes Aero series of laptops will always hold a special place in my heart the Aero 15 from back in 2019 was one of the laptops that helped me launch this Website at that time I was on a mission to find a high-powered premium and portable laptop

Gigabytes Aero 14 Oled (2023) Specification, Key Feature's & Price
Gigabytes Aero 14 Oled

That's because my own use case consisted of some of the toughest things you could do on a laptop.I was editing 4K videos programming and gaming and I needed to do all that while on the go the aerobrand it seemed like it was the perfect fit for my use case.

However it ended up falling a little short and about a hundred laptops later I'm still searching for the perfect one well today we have gigabytes new Aero 14 for 2023 which I hoped would finally deliver on that promise a high-powered portable and premium laptop. 

I mean come on you've got an extremely powerful i7 13700h inside paired with a 45 watt Nvidia RTX 4050 and a gorgeous OLED display all in a very small and lightweight package at 3.3 pounds what could go wrong as you know I value your time.

So here's the skinny the Aero 14 does deliver on its promise of a lot of performance in a small lightweight package but it is a challenge to actually use for lightweight use like browsing the web.

You definitely hear disturbing fan noise and the chassis gets very warm to the touch the speakers and webcam are woeful and the ports on offer are lacking for this type of laptop.


Geekbench performance, which measures a range of common performance tasks This laptop performed incredibly well when compared to other robust portable laptops; the only one to outperform it in the tests conducted by Cinebench was the more expensive MacBook Pro 14 with the 12 core M2 Pro CPU.

What the processor does when This performance was only surpassed under full load by the Asus G14 in multi-core mode, which has an AMD Ryzen Zen 4 CPU and is well recognised for performing particularly well in this use scenario switching to Graphics.

The Aero 14 is significantly faster than my 3050 TI-equipped Acer Swift, which is the first RTX 4050 laptop I've examined.


The display on this laptop is another feature I adore. It is magnificent, vibrant, correct in colour, and clear, and because to its high resolution, these features together allowed me to view a respectable amount of stuff on the screen without having to squint at 175 window resizing.

The laptop also has a fast 90 Hertz refresh rate so movement on screen looks smoother. Although PW and flickering are used to lower the brightness, I felt that it was minimal and I really didn't have an issue with its implementation in this laptop. This is why what I felt comfortable using I could see 38 rows of Excel, which is competitive for a premium 14-inch laptop.

Fan Noise

This laptop has a number of problems that make using it difficult. First of all, even when performing small work, the fan noise is incredibly loud. The fans are audible in a silent environment even when set to Eco mode, which is intended to be the quietest setting.

 As the fans start to spin up even quicker when slightly more difficult operations, such opening a Chrome tab, are performed, the noise gets even more upsetting. The noise is accentuated by the fans' continuous up-and-down rotation. 

Since the Aero 15 was acquired four years ago, this has been a persistent problem with Gigabyte computers. Particularly for simple jobs, the laptop's fan control mechanism requires significant improvement. Additionally, the laptop doesn't remain powered on even when the fans are running often.


The cost of the Gigabyte Aero 14 OLED is $1599. This laptop has a potent performance and an OLED screen that gives amazing graphics and vivid colours.

It is a fantastic solution for consumers looking for portability without sacrificing power because to its small and lightweight design. The Aero 14 OLED is appropriate for activities like productivity, gaming, and content production. 

Given the excellent display and performance capabilities it delivers, it gives exceptional value for the money.


The Gigabyte Aero 14 is a thin and light Windows laptop that packs a powerful punch. However, there are important compromises to take into account. 

The warm-feeling keyboard deck made using the laptop in a busy setting more enjoyable. However, when utilising the webcam or playing music, things start to deteriorate because of the annoying fan noise. The Asus G14 is a laptop option that consumers interested in it should think about. 

In comparison to the Aero 14, the G14's 2023 version is less expensive, features quieter fans, and more potent graphics options. The Aero 14, on the other hand, is a little bit smaller, has a brighter display, and doesn't get as hot to the touch.

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