Macbook 15 Air Is The Best Laptop Apple Makes For Low Budget User

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Macbook 15 Air

The MacBook Air with a 15 inch display was just announced and I think it's a very important product to talk about you see it plugs a massive hole in Apple's lineup finally we have a large screen Mac laptop for those who don't need a lot of performance 

Macbook 15 Air Is The Best Laptop Apple Makes For Low Budget User
Macbook 15 Air

Majority of people who are just using their laptop for web browsing office work and that sort of thing since it's basically a MacBook Air M2 the 13-inch with a larger screen and a bigger battery I feel pretty confident in sharing my early stage thoughts on it.


The MacBook Air 15 has the same 8 core CPU and 10 core GPU as the MacBook Air 13 with M2 the other end config that is based on the 35 watt charger being the same as the MacBook Air 13s my guide is there will be no increase in power delivery to the processor.

So we should have the same performance as the MacBook Air 13 with M2 in geekbench which tests a variety of common performance tasks it's around the same as the Intel 1360p processor in single core and a bit worse in multi-core and in cinebench.

Which tests the processor's performance when maxed out it's worse in both single and multi-core in fact it's actually worse than Intel's low wattage 13th gen u-series processors its poor performance in cinebench by the way is affected by it being a fanless laptop a fanless  laptop does have benefits in that the laptop is of course silent. 

But it also has negatives when running anything that requires performance for any duration of time the performance of the processor will start to drop as the only way to keep it from overheating is to reduce the power fed to it secondly the laptop's metal chassis will gradually become warmer to the touch the laptop itself becomes one giant heatsink

Spreading the heat around to dissipate it by the way due to the MacBook Air 15's larger size I don't think it will get as warm when running performance tasks as the 13. and even though Apple's M2 chips do have excellent integrated graphics and you can do video editing on it I do not think people looking for performance should really buy this laptop.

Battery Life

One of the good things about a larger laptop is you can fit a bigger battery in it the MacBook Air 15 now has a larger 67 watt hour battery compared to the 53 watt hour of the 13 inch.but remember the MacBook Air 15 has to power a larger display that being said the MacBook Air 13 Within M2 already has incredible battery life during my battery life test.

where I lowered the screen's brightness to 200 nits then ran a Netflix video on repeat over Wi-Fi for 4 hours I recorded 68 battery remaining so around 12 hours of battery life for that use case.


So now comes to weight we are looking at 3.3 pounds which I think is excellent for a 15.3 inch screen size very light and portable and it will be a joy to carry around compared to other large green laptops in comparison Dell's premium XPS 15 weighs in at a much heavier 4.2 pounds compared to smaller screen 14-inch laptops.

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is 2.5 pounds the yoga 9i is 3.1 and Apple's own MacBook Pro 14 is 3.5 so compared to the MacBook Pro 14 you are losing performance but getting on screen space and portability.


The pricing on the surface seems good it starts at 1 300 for the base model but beware though this is for a very low end configuration with 8 gig of RAM and a 256 gig SSD also Apple's 256 gig ssds are notorious for being slower than their 5 12 gig drives it wouldn't surprise me. 

if this issue carries across the new Macbook Air 15 if you spec it up to 16 gig of RAM and a more relevant 512 gig SSD you are already at 1,700 US dollars so this laptop is only well priced for users who have very basic needs.

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