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Framework Laptop

The framework laptop it comes from a newly established business with the mission to create items that are upgradeable, adaptable, and repairable. When purchasing a new laptop, you're frequently left trying to forecast your usage over the next few years. For example, if you bought an Apple laptop, you might worry that you didn't configure it with powerful enough components or that you upgraded it too much and wasted money.

Framework Laptop
Framework Laptop

Keyboard & Trackpad

This laptop has one of the most comfortable keyboards i've ever used i'm not joking ample key travel satisfying click a nice filling coating on the keys and it has no surprises in its layout for example

controls like switching the function keys to their regular functions or turning on the backlight are where you'd expect them to be there's just no silliness here

Framework Laptop
Framework Laptop
which you see in other manufacturer's keyboards like light-colored keys with light-colored backlight making the keys hard to find in certain lighting conditions track pads are something that if they're bad you notice them if they're good you don't and this one is good enough that you don't even notice.


The display is excellent it's bright has great contrast and with its decently high resolution of 2256 by 1504 pixels everything looked super crisp so much so that i was comfortable using it with window scaling at 125 this enabled me to see a ton of information on the 13.5 inch screen plus

Because this screen is a 3x2 aspect ratio applications that go down the page can really benefit by showing more information on screen for example office applications software development ides and even web browsers.

Ports & Build Quality

They've done the upgradable ports too and what's cool is many of the ports are high-end the usb-c ports are the fastest usb 4 ones also supporting charging the usb a ports are the fast 10 gigabit 3.2 gen 2 speeds for an upgradeable laptop the build quality is actually surprisingly good 

it also looks really good sitting on a desk and it's very lightweight that's the first thing i noticed about it it makes taking it out and about with you as well as using it on your lap a very comfortable experience.

Battery Life

The battery life is quite good i reduced the brightness by half which on this laptop is still really bright then i ran a netflix video on repeat over wi-fi i recorded over 7.5 hours and i'm sure you could have got even more if you lowered the brightness.


The framework laptop the speakers aren't great they don't get that loud and they lack a powerful crisp sound stage that you'd hear on something like a macbook pro also they are downward facing and the sound doesn't travel that well through the chassis.

So if you are using the laptop on your lap or watching media in bed you may find that the sound isn't loud enough keep in mind in my b-roll showing the decibels i measured decibels are exponential so the difference between this laptop's volume and the macbook pros is quite substantial 

Now of course being a framework laptop the speakers are designed to be upgraded but at this point unfortunately there aren't any better ones available.


This laptop is only available with an intel 11th gen ultrabook cpu which is certainly not the most powerful cpu going around amd's ryzen 5000 series for ultrabooks is more powerful particularly in multi-core and they require less power to achieve equivalent performance 

So an amd laptop will run cooler and quieter apples to apples speaking of apple they of course have their excellent m1 chip line that has an even better power to performance ratio so the conundrum here is even thoughthis laptop is upgradable there isn't a lot of reason to upgrade it given the current processes available you see performance of a laptop really needs to be a balance of the components.


i like this laptop a lot way way more than i thought and honestly it truly competes with some of the most premium laptops major manufacturers have out there if the sound was a bit better i'd definitely choose this over my dell xps 9310 that i've been using as my daily driver for the last year in fact i'd even consider it over my ridiculously expensive macbook pro 14 that i just purchased as my new daily driver for 2022. 

in terms of who should buy it lots of you i think it's a great laptop for students casual users working from home and honestly it's a phenomenal laptop for programmers mainly due to the comfortable keyboard the amount of code you'll see on screen the lack of heat that you'll feel while coding and strong linux support

Now there are a couple of caveats here if you are someone who is fussy about loud high quality audio this isn't for you get a macbook pro or if you need to do intensive programming right now such as running multiple virtualized environments to test highly scalable systems get something with a ryzen processor for example the yoga slim7 pro

and clearly goes without saying but i'll say it anyway this is a no-go for gamers and content creators.


The framework laptop pricing is very reasonable on this laptop i bought the performance config for 1 399 us dollars it came with the intel i7 1165 g7 16 gig of ram and a 512 gig ssd since this laptop is good for similar tasks to one of my favorite and most recommended laptops the dell xps 

i'll compare its pricing to that one at the time of filming that laptop was one thousand one hundred dollars for the same config but with a lower resolution full hd screen so for three hundred dollars more this laptop is upgradable has a slightly larger higher resolution display and a more comfortable keyboard.

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