This Luxurious Laptop is Better Than Macbook | Razer Blade 15

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Razer Blade 15

Today I've got one of the nicest looking laptops out there the Razer Blade 15. it's no doubt that this thing is like the MacBook of Windows laptops I've always loved the Razer Blade because the design and I've always rooted for Razer and hoped that they would continue to improve their products they have a lot of faults 

This Luxurious Laptop is Better Than Macbook | Razer Blade 15
Razer Blade 15
But I'll admit I have noticed them improving their blade laptops a decent amount each year and I respect that I know I'm super late because this is the 2022 model but I am super respectful that on the new 2023 models they actually increase the size of the chassis a little bit to give you full power gpus which is something that was not possible before.

So that's great to see but they are still making the blade 15 for 2023 and it's not too much different than this one right here so this one here is the Intel 12 800h processor model it has a massive 14 cores and 20 threads eight of those cores being efficiency cores. 

While the other six are performance cores it can hit about 65 Watts sustained which is a little low but it still performs well and for the GPU it has the RTX 3080 TI but it's a lower wattage one again that runs up to 110 Watts.

Which is I believe 5 more watts than the 2021 models so in no way should you expect this to beat out a 175 watt monster like the Asus scar 17 or the Lenovo Legion 7 or something like that it's crazy to me though that the 2023 models have the full wattage gpus with just a slightly thicker chassis though 

So I'm not gonna lie for most people this 3080 TI is just not necessary uh you can get about the same level of performance from the 3070 TI but I just like seeing what the best these companies can offer is so this also gives people a good idea of the value they're getting even from lower tiers.

So like you can save over a thousand dollars by just going with the RTX 3060 version of this laptop will you lose out on some performance yeah but maybe it checks enough of the other boxes that you want so that you don't really mind it and I'll at least give an estimate of what you'd be looking at with those lower tier GPU options here.


The design on this thing in my opinion is like the ideal design of a laptop it's Sleek it's CNC aluminum  it's like a Macbook that went to the dark side some people find the light up snakes to be a little much but I kind of like it the black metal body just feels.

So insanely sturdy but it's not perfect the edges of your razor blade will almost certainly get paint chipped and reveal a lovely shiny little silver Shimmer that just reminds you every single day that your laptop is no longer perfect 

I've tested four razor blades and this still happened to me on two of them even though I'm pretty careful with these things that and I always get dust or a random crumb stuck in the speaker Grille my last and worst pet peeve though is the fingerprints they claim to have a fingerprint resistant coating here.

But it's just simply not doing the job well enough this thing is an absolute fingerprint magnet if you want it to look pristine you're gonna have to wipe it down every day and after every use probably and don't forget the razor sharp edges which will inevitably leave marks on your arm after a long gaming session but on to some other goodies with the design.

So you've got some of the best perky RGB Lighting on any laptop the effects are just so smooth and there's a ton of brightness levels to adjust the keyboard also feels really nice some people don't like the more shallow travel distance

But I think it feels really nice it's a little clicky and sort of feels like current MacBooks I also love a centered keyboard and big trackpad 

So here's how it sounds compared to the flow x16 and the Asus as FRS g15 just for reference foreign trackpad is huge and feels super smooth maybe even better than the Asus zephyrus ones so here's how it sounds in comparison to those foreign.

You also get a 1080p webcam and it works and looks pretty good especially nice that it works with Windows hello to sign you in the hinges are also good one of the better feeling sturdy hinges out there compared to most other gaming laptops and the power adapter is also fairly small 

So not too bad there much smaller than like Lenovo Legion laptops or Alienware Laptops power bricks.Which are huge in comparison.

So yeah it's a thin and light design and doesn't look too far off from like a Dell XPS 15 or a Precision chassis here and it's a little smaller than the Asus Rog flow x16 with the 16 inch display so overall like I said I think Razer has one of the most ideal laptop designs and I really wish others would follow you know at a cheaper price but for now it' unfortunately One of a Kind.


The display I always say that QHD is the sweet spot for 15-inch laptops and this 240Hz QHD display looks great yes it's not the OLED model but it's still super fast and you've got colors that are vibrant and accurate my only complaint is that it's not the brightest out there and it is outshined by other displays like the flow x16. 

This Luxurious Laptop is Better Than Macbook | Razer Blade 15
Razer Blade 15
But it's plenty bright enough for most use cases and just don't let the sun shine directly on it or anything as you can see in this clip the mini LED display like the flow just makes the camera have trouble even compensating for the brightness.

So just for comparison there uh but thankfully the 2023 models of the Razer in the new 16 inch chassis you have a few models with mini LED displays.


If you decide you want to go that route it is possible as for the speakers with a laptop that looks like a would expect that maybe it might sound like a Macbook too but that is not the case here 

it's a very tinny sounding speakers and they get absolutely Blown Away by like Asus and even the blade 17 is just a much different story has much better speakers than this one and decent bass response.

So here's some clips comparing it to the Asus laptops that I mentioned which I would argue have some of the best sounding gaming laptop speakers at least in 2022 when this was recorded.

CPU Performance

Let's moving on to CPU performance so as far as CPU goes this is a 12th gen Intel processor so it's going to do great I mean the only thing holding it back of course is that it doesn't hit as high of wattages as the big boys 

But you're looking at a cinebench score of around 13 14 000 and much better short-term performance.

When you do a single run hitting closer to fifteen thousand so I mean this is around the same level as like the AMD ryzen 9 6900 HS or a well-tuned AMD 5900 HX so it's still not the best when compared to other thin and lights but it is very acceptable.

Battery Life

Let's talk about the battery life so I wasn't expecting much in the battery department but I do have to say that I am decently impressed with how Razer managed to squeeze out some okay battery life from the super power hungry 12th gen Intel CPU here 

I got about six and a half hours in my YouTube playback test which compared to the g15 and x16 is only about an hour less 

So it doesn't get as much performance on battery as them but for an Intel CPU this is definitely a bit higher than the competition alright.

GPU Performance

The GPU here is an RTX 3080 TI with 16 gigabytes of vram this is the top performing GPU that Nvidia has to offer obviously it's cut back a bit by the wattage but you're still getting that level of vram so that's great for creators and for those 

Who like to push settings to the Max and games at high resolutions but like I said it is at a lower wattage than the 175 Watts that the RTX 3080 TI is capable of when it's in like thicker gaming laptops like the Lenovo Legion 7 or MSI ge67 or laptops like those 

So that doesn't make it a slouch though but that does make the 3070 TI version of this laptop a better value so here's the time spy score with performance settings maxed out that puts it around the same level just barely above the 125 watt RTX 3070 TI in my Rog flow x16.

So of course you can overclock the blade a little bit and hit over 11 000 with like a small hit to your CPU score but overall not bad performance

But it is quite a bit under some of those higher wattage 370 dci's 3080 TI's and 3080s from 2021 so a lot of people see GPU scores a bit lower than the competition and then they automatically think the laptop is bad.

But I disagree with that I think there's still a lot more to a laptop than how high it can Benchmark remember you're getting these scores in a very thin chassis with a bit lower fan noise than the competition too does that mean they offer Great Value maybe not so that's where the 3060 and 3070 TI models come in and they're pretty close you know.

So unless you really need that vram or you really want that extra five ten percent performance you know I would probably go for those models.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on the blade 15 it's a great laptop it looks beautiful but it's not without flaws of course it's going to be beat out in games by some of the thicker laptops out there with higher wattage gpus but where it does win is portability and fan noise I really like how Razer tune the fans on this 2022 blade 15. 

it gives you great like noise to Performance ratio especially for a chassis this small so you know there's still those little things with the Razer Blade 15 that I wish other laptops would do so we would have some competition you know in the CNC aluminum form factor here.

Because unfortunately there are there's just those little weird things like the edges of the laptop being too sharp and hurting your arms the paint being very easily chipped  things getting into the speaker grilles you know just weird little like quality of life things that kind of hold it back a little bit

But again it is such a unique chassis and there really is nothing like it on the market at this moment so I still think the 2022 model is a pretty good a pretty good buy but again the blade 16s are out they're super expensive but if you want that ultimate GPU performance and you still want that blade chassis that's really your only option.

So overall it's a great laptop I still prefer the flow x16 from Asus as like my favorite at this moment but I don't really have any huge complaints on the blade 15. decent in gaming pretty good CPU pretty good battery life speakers are not great the display is definitely beaten out by others but it's still pretty good with the OLED model definitely having a much better display than this one.


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