Macbook Pro 14 | Today Best Laptop Deal On Amazon For Content Creator & Programmer

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Macbook Pro 14

Let's review of the macbook pro 14. now i know i'm a bit late compared to other reviewers with my review of this laptop that's because i ordered a custom config which took longer to build and ship the reason is i have a sinking suspicion that this might be a laptop i keep for myself

Macbook Pro 14 | Today Best Laptop Deal On Amazon For Content Creator & Programmer
Macbook Pro 14
So i wanted to make sure it was configured according to my needs the second reason is honestly i just needed to spend proper time with it i'm not saying other laptop reviewers didn't spend proper time with it but for me from the day it arrived i needed to give it the proper amount of days to bring you this detailed review in this article

i'm first going to talk about the pros then the cons and at the end i'll wrap by talking about who should buy this laptop the model i have here has the m1 max chip with the 24 gpu cores 32 gig of ram and a 2 terabyte ssd by the way the reason i got the 24 core model not the 32 is because i noticed that the 14 inch comes with a substantially smaller power supply than the 16 inch model 

So my hypothesis is that the smaller model is power limited and therefore unlikely to be able to fully utilize those extra eight gpu cores that the 32 core model has we'll see how that plays out later.


The performance this laptop is a giant leap forward i'm only going to go over a couple of quick benchmarks to paint a picture and then get straight into real world performance and of course my observations in geekbench 

which tests a variety of common performance tasks this laptop simply mops the floor with much larger windows gaming laptops in cinebench r23 which maxes out the cpu's performance we see that the only laptop that can beat it is the much larger and certainly  louder alienware x15

Talking about fan noise when under load this laptop is very quiet compared to the competition even if you do hear the fans they aren't loud nor high pitched so not really disturbing at all which is a relief the macbook metal chassis though does conduct heat so when under full load you will feel warmth 

However if you install the max fan control app you can bump up the fan speed and it will be cool to the touch and when i maxed out the laptop cpu by the way for 10 minutes i saw no degradation in performance that's what happens 

if you have a highly powerful chip like this one in a laptop with adequate cooling now i know many of you are bored of hearing youtubers talk about video editing performance but as someone who used to be a performance focused software developer for many years video creation really is one of the most intensive tasks that you can run on a laptop to edit and render the kind of good quality videos.

i use a very powerful laptop my hp omen with amd's ryzen 5800 hcpu and an nvidia rtx 3070 well i thought it was a very powerful laptop until i got this one in fact i've used a number of high performance intel and amd laptops to edit and render my videos on the alienware x15 with intel's 11th gen cpu the razer blade advance with rtx 3080 etc 

All are substantially larger and heavier laptops than this one but this little macbook pro 14 makes a mockery of them this laptop was the fastest laptop i've ever tested to render one of my complex 4k videos

Now check this out when i ran the puget premiere pro benchmark which tests more than just rendering you'll see that this is by far the most powerful laptop i've ever run this benchmark on i was also interested to see whether i made the right choice to get the m1 max with the 24 core gpu rather than the 32 core one.


Let's talk about the display i love the 14 inch form factor it is my favorite size for a laptop large enough to get real work done but keeping the laptop small and light enough to be portable the screen is an absolute pleasure to look at it's insanely bright 

Macbook Pro 14 | Today Best Laptop Deal On Amazon For Content Creator & Programmer
Macbook Pro 14 

So much so that for the first time ever i almost always used it with the brightness turned down a couple of notches the color reproduction was outstanding due to its excellent brightness contrast and high resolution everything looked super crisp so much 

So that i was comfortable running the display on the more space setting for the entire time i used the laptop this allowed me to see an insane amount of information on screen i use excel to measure how much vertical information i can see the combination of the more space setting and the screens close to 3x2 aspect ratio enable me to see more rows of excel than on any other laptop

i've ever tested even laptops far larger than this one this is a phenomenal result and something that will really help people like software developers or those using office applications who benefit from seeing more information vertically on a screen the display also allows you to dim it till it goes completely black

Which i like say you are downloading something while watching a movie in a dark room you can essentially turn off the screen so it's not distracting lastly the fast resolution 120hz kept moving things on screen looking very smooth.

Trackpad & Keyboard

The trackpad is excellent as always and it's a relief to be back using a max trackpad seriously even today so few pc laptops have decent track pads they are either way too slippery or they aren't slippery enough and your finger gets stuck as you are trying to glide apple is still the best in the business 

Macbook Pro 14 | Today Best Laptop Deal On Amazon For Content Creator & Programmer
Macbook Pro 14
Here the keyboard's feel has improved over prior models honestly they're magic keyboards that came in laptops prior to this one i did not like at all they felt noticeably low travel and no i'm not referring to their awful butterfly keyboards 

which were horrendous i mean the ones that came after that in laptops like their macbook pro 16 from 2019 i have literally avoided using macs for my everyday laptop since 2015 because of their uncomfortable keyboards

i'm glad to say this keyboard is finally comfortable enough it's no hp spectre or omens keyboard but it's good enough it's also nice to see that there is no silliness with the keyboard where light-colored keys are combined with a light-colored backlight making the keys hard to make out in certain lighting conditions a lot of pc laptop makers seem to have taken this stupid approach in 2021 here we've correctly got black colored keys with a white backlight.


This is a fantastic high quality laptop that pushes the entire laptop industry forward it has raised the baseline of what we expect a laptop to be in a very meaningful and positive way this laptop has shown us that we no longer have to accept jet engine fan noise and uncomfortable heat 

When running high performance tasks there are three main groups of people i believe should buy this laptop one professional creators such as video editors this macbook pro 14 or especially the 16-inch will be a game changer for you two professional programmers this is an excellent laptop for you

You'll benefit from the large amount of code you'll see on screen and the powerful components inside which won't make the laptop feel uncomfortably warm while coding these also finally have comfortable keyboards and the 14-inch is super portable

If you travel to meet a client or walk around the office to code third if you're just thinking rich for everyone else you just don't need this laptop and shouldn't be envious of those who have it there are tons of good laptops.


Macbook 14 pro is a super & best laptop for video editing,programing and is best choice for developer's so according to my opinion the price of such device is reasonable this device is also exsist on amazon in just $2,999.

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