Best Gaming Laptop Under $2000 | Legion Slim 7 Gaming Laptop

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 Legion Slim 7

The legion slim 7 for 2022 shocked me as to how good it is so much so I'm getting one for myself heck I started this Website with the goal of finding the best powerful portable laptop because back then I was doing three of the most demanding tasks you could possibly do on a laptop video editing, software development, and gaming 

Best Gaming Laptop Under $2000 | Legion Slim 7 Gaming Laptop
Legion Slim 7 Gaming Laptop
Each of them having very different needs a high resolution color accurate display for video editing powerful graphics for gaming and a high performance CPU with lots of RAM for coding anyway I couldn't find the perfect laptop.


Just looking at Raw CPU performance in this comparison Both laptops were fully updated with the most recent bios drivers and windows version. Let's start with geekbench, which evaluates a range of popular short-running tasks. I tried both the default balancing profile and the performance one. You can modify this in Lenovo's Vantage programme. In fact, the Intel model is nearly the quickest laptop I've ever tested in this Benchmark, neck and neck with the Apple. The Intel model with the 12700h utterly destroys the AMD model with the ryzen 6900 HX processor, not even close.

The M1 Max CPU on the MacBook Pro 16 going to the performance-testing cinebench The Intel model once again destroys the competition when operating at full load.


The displays as mentioned I have both the 1920x1200 panel and the 2560x1601 I'd strongly recommend you get the 2560 by 1600 panel if you can afford it it's significantly brighter by around 150 nits also when you spread 1920 by 1200 pixels over a large 60 inch display it isn't very pixel dense text can look pixelated you probably won't notice it when gaming.

Best Gaming Laptop Under $2000 | Legion Slim 7 Gaming Laptop
 Legion Slim 7 Gaming Laptop
But for something like typing up a bunch of text you'll appreciate a crisper display and to be honest even 2560 by 1600 isn't that high on a 16 inch panel it's only 188 pixels per inch substantially less than on a MacBook Pros 254 combining all this together on the 1920x1200 panel I was only able to see 34 rows of Excel without feeling like I needed to squint on the 2560x1600 display 

I was able to see 40. this was at 125 window scaling for the 1920 model and 150 for the 2560. one warning on these displays although they are color accurate enough for viewing content on screen they are not color accurate enough for professional color work you want to add an external monitor with higher Adobe RGB and P3.


The keyboard this laptop has the best typing experience of any I've used to date I said that recently about the Specter 13.5 but this laptop raises the bar key travel is good with a satisfying click the keyboard deck is very sturdy and as mentioned.

Best Gaming Laptop Under $2000 | Legion Slim 7 Gaming Laptop
 Legion Slim 7 Gaming Laptop
when I talked about temperatures you'd feel while using the laptop the keyboard deck remains comfortably cool to the touch and if you like number pads this one has one next.


The trackpad was accurate and quite good to use several times the Palm rejection just didn't work properly I would be typing away and all of a sudden it was like a click somewhere random on the trackpad

it was a bit frustrating if you're using this laptop on a desk I'd recommend you disable the trackpad and use a mouse I imagine most people who use this lapper we'll just do that.


The port situation is plentiful on the AMD model you've got two USBC ports two USB a ports an HDMI 2.1 port and a full-size SD card reader the USB ports are the fast 20 gigabit 3.2 Gen 2 ones which is great the Intel model though takes the win with an extra third USB a port on the back and one of the USBC ports is Thunderbolt supporting 40 gigabit transfer speeds 

The only downside is that the SD card reader in both is the slower uhs1 one both laptops can be charged via USBC which is great as you won't have to bring the large 230 watt power brick with you on days that you don't need the laptop's full performance you can just bring a smaller.


The Legion slim 7 looks and sounds with excellent lighting fingerprint reader works well and will get you logged in fast sound is good enough the speakers get loud and there is a Sound Stage that being said the sound doesn't sound full it sounds a bit tinny and definitely lacks bass.


The pricing I feel is very fair at around 1200 to 1900 US dollars depending on the config I say around as Lenovo prices tend to frequently go on sale please pay special attention to the AMD Advantage model available at Best Buy 

Which has the better 2560 display and the Radeon RX 6800s Graphics which as I demonstrated is extremely fast for gaming when that model goes on sale it is a solid buy recommendation from.

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