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We're examining the MSI GS65 today. This is their most recent, lightweight, thin gaming laptop. It is equipped with the GTX 1070 Max-Q and Intel's latest six-core processor. It's a fully equipped, small, and light laptop that just- It's fantastic, as the title suggests.


It's been redesigned this year, completely redesigned. The previous generation and the one before that all share the same chassis They just kind of switch the internals Brand new everything this year. 


The build quality on this new design is good It feels slightly better than the GS63 to me. It has no red on it at all I think this is the very first gaming laptop from MSI that wasn't black and red It's got this black 


It's super stealth, it honestly looks like a premium black and gold laptop Now in case you're wondering, the logo up here is completely flush to the surface If you're inclined and wanting to mask this logo out, You could probably get a skin for it 

we've seen from MSI before, I really like it Inside, we have the power button in the middle of the laptop And there was talk about how there's gonna be a fingerprint sensor This engineering sample does not have a functioning one But it might in the future.

Build Quality:

The construction of the entire item is excellent. It's not perfect; for example, there is no unibody construction here. It appears to not have been made from a single aluminium piece. Paneling is used, but it still looks beautiful. Several of the panels have some flex because of the perforations.

But it is a well built laptop. Okay, before I go any deeper into this video I feel like I should bring something up with you guys. I really like this device It's a great laptop, and there are some issues with it, but I had to dig pretty deep to find them And I think a lot of you guys might think that I'm just like nitpicking, and I really am

I feel like that's what you have to do when it comes to products that are really well built and just good. You just got to dig deeper than normal to find something that you can kind of use as a reason that some people may not like it but.You'll see.

Keyboard & Trackpad:

Let's go with the keyboard first. I feel like that's like a good place to start It's pretty much your standard MSI keyboard It's SteelSeries backlit But the keys have this layout 

Technically, the trackpad is a Windows Precision trackpad. It has a Windows Precision touchpad running on top of Synaptics software. It works well, but isn't flawless.. Gestures are on point, but there's something with the tracking that feels off to me. It's like the acceleration

It's just a little bit too fast. Um, I can't really describe in words It's just- it doesn't feel like your standard Windows Precision software to me. It's good Just not perfect.


One of the first things that I didn't like about this laptop is the accessibility So MSI's thin and light laptops are never really easy to get into Like, I've never had a lot of problems, but there's just not, you know, one screw and remove it It's always a little bit of work. This one is very difficult

I'm not saying it's impossible, but I couldn't get in there, and I've opened quite a few laptops See, this isn't even my unit, it's like an engineering sample And I'm already a little bit more aggressive than it would be if I purchased this with my own money

But I just can't seem to get in here easily The other thing is that the drive in here is a little bit slow, and it's okay when companies put in slow drives Because like it keeps the cost down and you can upgrade it, but in this case, It's pretty difficult. I'm sure you can get in there, it's just not an easy thing.


The colour gamut is great at 144 Hertz. The side bezels and top bezels are both very tiny. There is a small chin.

But I mean if you're gonna put thick bezel somewhere, the bottom one's probably the best Webcam's up top. Image quality isn't amazing, but at least the angle is good and it's just really nice to see laptop companies put in faster screens because, Last year, we were seeing really high end laptops with something like GTX 1080s in them, but they're capped with 60 Hertz screens which just didn't make sense to me 


This is the way to do it. Fast screens with fast processors and fast GPUs. Good stuff all around One thing to note though, this display does not have G-Sync And I think for some people they're just like ''hey dealbreaker, no G-Sync?"

But the truth is I actually like that it doesn't have it

Here's why.

Number one: it keeps the price down. If they had a display that was licensed for G-Sync, this would be like an extra 100 or 200 bucks The other thing is battery life

So you can use the onboard graphics to keep your battery consumption down when you're just not playing games and stuff But the main reason for me is that G sync is only really useful at like 60 frames per second or slower the moment you bust like six seventy eighty frames per second it just doesn't it's not as useful

I'm not saying it's not useful It's just not as useful as it would be when you're at lower frame rates at 144 Hertz this thing can shoot way beyond the frame rates.


Where g-sync is clutch in terms of connectivity the port selection is quite good There's nothing I feel like this thing's missing it even has an Ethernet port if there's one thing I would add it would be like an extra Thunderbolt three USB-C port, but that's basically it now

I don't love that the location of the AC adapter Hole is just kind of in the middle of the side here, and I think some people won't care but it just doesn't look as clean to me when it comes out the middle and the cable can kind of cover the exhaust in Some circumstances, it's a minor issue


When you have these things playing in a typical position, the audio becomes tremendously flattened out by the table, the desk, or whatever you have your laptop resting on. It just loses so much clarity. They get really loud just because the location is really bad.

Because of its position that I just wish it was positioned elsewhere the battery inside here has been Significantly upgraded from the previous generation it's now 82 watt hours. The AC adapter is 180 watts Nothing special kind of like your standard MSI adapter the performance on this laptop is straight-up excellent.


You'll observe excellent performance metrics. You can watch the video I'll provide if you want additional information about this specific CPU. Lower, but for multi-core workloads, it's a significant improvement over previous generation's GPU. It's a great combination to have a 1070 Max-Q because it offers excellent performance for virtually every game at 1080p and lets you take use of the 144 Hertz screen.

The fans can be controlled in Dragon Center like you can crank up the fans if you're doing with a 3d render Or if you want like the best gaming performance possible you can crank it up It'll be loud, but you'll get great performance or you just leave it on auto and just let it do its thing on idle its silent and On load, it gets a little bit louder, 

But you get great performance You can slow down manually if you want But on a thin and light laptop like this with a six core processor and a 1070 max-q you kind of wanna let the fans do its thing and I think they do a really good job with the thermals the Exterior temperature is also pretty good on the top surface. 

It gets a little warm on the bottom, though I'd play games on a table or a desk and not so much on your lap so overall I feel like MSI did a really Good job on this device.

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