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Lenovo Yoga 720 15

Now this is the Lenovo yoga 720 it's a 15.6 inch convertible nothing unusual about that right what is unusual instead of the usual dual-core 51 Ultrabook CPUs here we have a quad-core CPU 45 watts this is as powerful as Tony Fadell XPS 15 you don't usually see that because there's just not enough room and convertible designs and they try to make them thin and light and the hinge area takes up space

Lenovo Yoga 720
Lenovo Yoga 720

and all that well it gets even better there's optional NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics with two gigabyte of gddr5 vram so that bets one up on the HP spectre x360 15 inch which has been Vidya 940 graphics you know that's a little bit more common because it's very low-power kind of GPU content 

If you get in this serious as your entry level gaming laptops which we reviewed many of indeed this one performs just as well but wait there's more it also works with the optional with no both pen it's not which is actually shipping at the Lenovo active stylus - it's going to be one of those first welcomed dual protocol pens but this here is a Wacom a AES digitizer

So the Lenovo ThinkPad pen works any wakame ES 10 will work with it 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity so here's the special thing and those of you looking for certainly this know that yes you can get a convertible than the 15-inch saw it's harder to do especially 

If you want to find the pen no nose comment with the pen pretty rare and what about those who do like the really heavy lifting and you want that quad core CPU and dedicated graphics real dedicated graphics it hasn't all come together before.


what makes this laptop very cool in fact that we're going to be offering it with a DP x 1050 that's charging alright so you're going to be able to do some pretty high-end gaming on this laptop

it's really really a kind of a gaming laptop incognito you don't need a you know all just 50 lights and whatnot you get a nice little premium looking laptop within the aluminum build on this particular laptop we've also added Thunderbolt 3 support and USB.


Lenovo Yoga 720
Lenovo Yoga 720

The yoga 720 well the August 700 series in general is their middle a little bit better than middle range line you remember the yoga 900 series that's the top of the line so comparing this the HP Spectre which is HP's top-of-the-line in terms of looks fit and finish isn't quite fair this would compete more moving with the envy series.

which is very nice series from HP that's not the apex of everything they can do in terms of gorgeous design that said it's not bad looking it's a little bit utilitarian here we have our nice gray and kind of a polished edge then gives it a little bit of zing there

we have a couple of interesting things like a little curve over here gives the design a little bit of a look of complexity the typical very beefy yoga hinge so it's sturdy stuff and it's quite stiff that stands in his favor it's aluminum casing on it so that's pretty premium too you know for some that you call their their middle of the road or upper middle of the road it's pretty nice 

it's just a little oil salt looking to compare it to something like the Dell XPS 15 with which in certain ways it does compete or with the HP Spectre x-360 15-inch which is a showpiece of gorgeousness but there's more than beauty in the world so for those who know you need a quad-core CPU and the better dedicated graphics well you know

 I would do with the thing that isn't necessarily the prettiest on the block put together pretty well no complaints about that no rough edges no promise it and finish nice and rigid all the good things that you would expect for something that's in this price range

Now it starts around $9.99 or so that you're going to get integrated graphics only our model here which is a connection middle to the lower end configuration we have the core i7 - 7700 HQ CPU eight gigabytes of gddr5 Ram a 256 gig PCIe nvme SSDs of Samsung branded one and the phone HD display and that one runs around 1,200 bucks you know give or take right now they're having some sales 

Because it's a holiday weekends about 1150 but in general call it around 1200 if you go up to $1500 you can get the comparable one to the HP Spectre that I just mentioned the 15-inch one that gives you 16 gigs of ram is 512 gig SSD and the 4k display on it so there you have it pretty fair pricing for what you're getting here certainly and this one is outfitted pretty much like a budget gaming laptop the entry-level and is priced around the same 

But for that you get some things that you don't give us a gaming laptop which is particularly this and support for the pen so for graphic artist types designers that's going to be something that's really attractive where before you dragged around an alienware just because you wanted the processing power like that and you use an external graphics tablet suddenly you can do the work on the device itself 

Lenovo Yoga 720
Lenovo Yoga 720

Which is nice very nice now the keyboard it's typical of the yoga series it's not my favorite it's not terrible the keys feel we there's no wobble there's no sponginess nothing like that but not too much travel about 1.4 millimeter it feels a little short it's okay it's not that the trackpad which shows up as a Wacom device which would be pretty odds are usually not the business of making tractors 

I'm not sure what's going on with that it's okay it's not my favorite it's not hideous it's just you know it's okay I prefer the XPS 15 and the HP Spectre x-360 but it's by no means a bad trackpad and it has just basic settings just the Microsoft drivers their fingerprint scanner conveniently located nice to see in a consumer model right here and it's easy enough to use now

When it comes to ports on this there's not a whole heck of a lot for a 15-inch because they had to make room for the well the graphics card the extra fan all that sort of thing so you have the usual Lenovo rectangular power connector and you have two USB 3.0 ports one on each side there is no HDMI port there is no SD card slot there is a headphone jack

Fortunately there is a Thunderbolt three ports AHA that could make up for the lack of an HDMI port DisplayPort all that sort of things now here's the thing lenovo says it's 40 gigabits gigabytes per second just like Dell says with the XPS 15 yet it shows up as having two PCIe lanes instead of the full four does that matter mostly for those who are going to be using an external graphics amplifier like the Razer core in the future 

Which I'm not sure how many people buy this kind of machine and then are dying to do that and make that almost $1000 expense if you want to put a really nice graphics card on a razor core so there you have it looks like it's only two PCIe legs you can so you spend about three doc you can drive two 4k displays with this thing 

So for most practical purposes I think it's going to be okay the laptop weighs four point four pounds which is two kilograms which well is just about the same thing as the HP spectre x360 15 inch and it's in the ballpark of the Dell XPS depending on the configuration that you get pretty actually light per machine

But these kind of specs it's again a lot lighter than your budget gaming laptop generally these con specs of course to use it as a tablet it's going to be heavy but those of us who do aren't as I do we're willing right now to make that trade-off it because that added screen real estate is really nice same thing 

I said with respect to X ray 60 it really opens up a whole new world of freedom when you're doing digital art drawing on the screen just make sure you have a nice way to support it because you're obviously not gonna be holding it in one hand when you're drawing now as I get into the pen stuff I just want to point out two things those fashionably small bezels are not quite as small as inspect your X 360 can be an annoyance 

I'm often actually picking this up and hitting a tool on the toolbar here in Photoshop those these are a little bit bigger so it's not quite so bad for accidentally doing things and the other thing is the power button being over here

I can't tell tell you how many times I pick it up to move it and actually presses because this power button is not recessed and it takes a pretty light touch to activate it so yeah it's not a deal-breaker but it's just going to be aware of it will annoy you until you remember to work work around those little foibles it's a good multimedia tablet 

it has two wand stereo speakers with Dolby audio it sounds very nice very enjoyable for watching movies and yoga so it does tablet mode it does tent mode it has all the usual versatile stuff that you expect from a yoga design.


Now let's talk about that pin for a minute like I said you're not going to find many 15-inch laptops that have an active digital pen and this one does have welcomed a ES digitizer inside and it's a good one yeah one of the nice things are locking AES it's more affordable than a DMR so it brings down the price and makes for a thinner glass layer on digitizer layer on the display

Lenovo Yoga 720
Lenovo Yoga 720

you don't really have parallax with it the performance is pretty good in terms of latency 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity that's currently state of the art it's plenty enough no tilt support here that I can see of course

we're sewing for the latest generation of pen and again is active pen too isn't actually shipping it will soon be getting in a another pen which I can't talk about yet that will support it so we're going to try but I suspect there will be any tilt port here now moving on to the display

we have the Full HD one some people have complained about light bleed on the IPS display ours really didn't have any likely worth speaking in fact it's one of the better displays I've seen in terms of light bleed there's a 4k option too we don't have that I wish we had it in half the test 

because the the Full HD display is not that it's a bad display it's not is a perfectly fine display it just doesn't have that pop and that Wow kind of look when I look at the spectre x360 15 inch 4k display but the the vibrance the contrast the color saturation there look even better than the metrics suggest

 it's one of my favorite actually to watch movies on as a result of course with Dell XPS 15 to go for their 4k display you're getting very wide color gamut Adobe RGB coverage all that sort of thing I might be there 1080p display is nothing to sneeze now it's pretty decent on the bill this one here like I said the metrics are really quite good on it 

but when I looked in first I actually thought that it was going to have much lower color gamut that it measured it's having it just doesn't have a vibrance or a pop to it so but I'm being picky because in this price range you get to be picking both consumer laptops from thousand dollars and not to get nice display that said 308 miss was pretty bright it looked dim at first 

because I think they're really trying to conserve battery life here because that's at a premium when you have this much power in a slim laptop without much room for a giant battery so was until I hit about 90 percent brightness that really started to brighten up so it's obvious that the last two notches the brightness are really nice and bright everything else seems kind of thin 

so it's not that it's a dim display it's the way they have the brightness control setup on it color gamut on is actually perfectly good 76% of Adobe RGB 97% of srgb that's that's good contrast is good you can see the specs up on screen gammas pretty decent though White Point is actually a long low site 

which is unusual and I'll take it it's pretty close to where it should be some viewing angles are good you'll see some brightness shifts off angled so like I said it's really it's not a bad display it just didn't allow me as much as the competition but then again for what you're getting in this price point hey it's fair they got it they can't give you the best of everything.

Battery Life

The battery life is too much as I would like to test out that 4k display and it might actually be a more beautiful and vibrant panel the the Full HD is going to consume less power we saw the same thing with the XPS 15 so there's an upside to this too or the full HD unless you're doing graphics art stuff and you need the higher resolution

which I had have to admit it's kind of a target market for a convertible with a pen isn't it that has a lot of horsepower in it but there is the trade-off now lenovo claims up to nine hours of runtime and that's as usual optimistic with pc manufacturers it has a 72 watt hour battery that's a pretty decent capacity and impressive they squeeze it into this chassis 

i'm seeing more like 6 to 7 hours of light to moderate use now one thing i was using this to draw in photoshop and many layers a 3000 by 2,000 pixels we ran 300 DPI canvas and it was running by default on integrated graphics which the intel HD 630 is actually enough to edit photos and to do graphic arts just fine it's

where you get into your well i've got 30 layers i have something that's going to be printed billboard size i have a 42 megapixel digital camera lucky me that's when you really want to start enabling the nvidia dedicated graphics which i did switch to and i did notice that it got hotter it got louder the runtimes were shorter so when i cost 6 to 7 hours that's with integrated graphics of course even a dual-core ultrabook can handle photoshop pretty well these days with integrated graphics.

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