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 Dell Xps 15 

The brand new Dell XPS 15 9530 the venerable Flagship from Dell that I've reviewed pretty much every iteration since it's the since the beginning as far as when it was released now as far as this laptop is concerned it's pretty much physically the same exactly the same as last year's 9520. 

Dell Xps 15
Dell Xps 15 
So where you're going to see the changes are going to be under the hood it's now outfitted with 13th gen Intel processors h-series will get into the performance numbers of course a little bit in this review as well as in the full review and of course it has an RTX 4070 GPU with eight gigabytes of gddr6 video memory 

So we're hoping to get an increase in the graphics performance and really good creative laptop if you want to do Photoshop Lightroom video editing and the like this is going to be a really really good laptop.

Specs & Pricing:

The starting price is $2399 and right now over at Dell's website only the core I9 is available that of course comes with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 GPU that's the one I have here now as far as the core i7 from what I understand it will be available in another week.

Now my unit here that I purchased with my own money comes in at $2849 I went with 32 gigabytes of RAM I only went with the 512 in terms of the SSD because I'm going to upgrade that myself and of course I went with the OLED display so all in I'm talking about 3000 plus with tax here in Las Vegas Nevada now this is their Flagship and of course it's priced accordingly 

But of course if you go to Apple and other brands with their premium flagships very competitive in terms of the pricing.

Ports & Connection's:

Left side we'll get to the ports right now you have your Kensington Lockport two Thunderbolt four ports they are full function supporting data charge and display out and then of course on this side

Dell Xps 15
Dell Xps 15 
you're looking at a USBC 3.2 Gen 2 not Thunderbolt by the way but it is full function and an a full-size SD card reader and a 3.5 millimeter microphone headphone combo Jack builds looking good.

User Upgradeability & Internal:

Now as far as user upgradability like last year's model pretty much everything is upgradable in terms of the ram there are two sodium slots they're going with ddr5 ram my unit has 32 gigabytes of RAM 216 sticks but of course you can go up to 64. 232 gigabyte sticks of ram so I like that upgradability as far as the memory is concerned.

Now as far as the SST is concerned pcie Gen 4 there are two slots which is great when you want to expand out the storage and check out these excellent reads and rides certainly Gen 4 speeds here we'd like to see in 2023 and as far as Wireless is concerned.

We're looking at killer Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 that combo card is soldered into the motherboard not upgradable by the user but as far as the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth so far working pretty good although I wish it was Wi-Fi 6E not Wi-Fi six just something to be aware of and for those wondering the internals are exactly the same as the 95 520 from last year.

So the only difference between the two units is going to be the CPU and the GPU but everything else as far as the physical attributes are going to be the same.

86WH Battery:

Last year's model this also Sports a 6 Cell 86 watt hour battery and of course I will do my full testing and give you the battery life numbers and charging time as well in the upcoming full review and to put it into reference of course

Last year's model got 12 hours and two minutes on my continuous web surfing test over wi-fi at 150 nits but I've moved to the PC Mark 10 modern office battery life test so we'll check that out as well on both models.

Performance & Benchmarking:

Now to get an idea of the graphics performance out of this RTX 4070 I ran the 3D Mark fire strike and the score I got was sixteen Thousand Seven ninety one so that's actually going to be pretty decent in terms of the graphics performance of course I wouldn't categorize this laptop as a gaming laptop or say I think it's more for creatives to do like video editing Photoshop.

You want to play games certainly capable here on that 40 70 GPU and here's the time spy score 7622 a little bit more demanding of course than the fire strike test so definitely respectable numbers here so far now of course I'm going to test out the games bring you the numbers the terms of the performance as far as the results are concerned in that upcoming article.

So a lot more to come ladies and gentlemen I have a lot of testing to do but the initial benchmarks look good this 13th gen 8 series processor looks promising as well as the RTX 4070 GPU but of course the proof is always in the pudding and of course The Thermals as far as this is concerned is going to play a major role especially in this thin and Light chassis that is contained here.

Thermal , Surface Temp & Fan's:

We're gonna have to do all that testing especially the thermal performance I'll bring you all that now as far as the surface temperatures are concerned in the initial benchmarks that I'm able to run here there never getting overly hot although there were a couple hot spots here and there as you see here

But nothing alarming nothing too hot to the touch which is good especially on a thin and Light chassis that this has as far as the fan noise the Dual fans will kick in under the performance mode under heavy load and it will be noticeable you're looking at around 52 53 decibels so definitely very noticeable fan noise especially when it is under heavy load something to bear in mind.


Now to me one of the stars of the show if not the star of the show was going to be its Infinity Edge display there are two options when it comes to the display a full HD Plus option it's 1920x1200 and of course an OLED option now the full HD Plus option is a non-touch display that can get as bright as 500 nits and then of course the OLED option 

Dell Xps 15
Dell Xps 15 
Which is the option I went with is a little bit better in terms of the color accuracy and of course the coverage of the color gamut and that one of course is a touch display with an anti-reflective coating that can get as bright as 400 nits of course I'll bring you all the measurements in my upcoming full review 

Now the resolution on the OLED display is 3456 by 2160 and yes these are 16 to 10 aspic ratios and the benefit of course going with a 16 to 10 aspect ratio is you'll see more on the display you'll do less scrolling when it comes to web browsing 

Now the display is an HDR display watching High dynamic range content say Netflix Amazon YouTube has been excellent so far in a limited time that I've used it but it's pretty much the same display actually the exact same display as last year's model so I'm pretty familiar with it what it's capable of and really really great for consuming media there's no doubt about

it now one thing I wish it did have was a higher refresh rate this is a 60 hertz display and for Creative work it's going to be fine but if you want to do any kind of gaming or anything that with a higher refresh rate giving you the more fluid experience the smoother experience of a 120 hertz say like you get with a Samsung Galaxy book 3 Ultra and the like you don't get that here and especially at this price point 

it's a premium Flagship maybe next year we'll see a higher refresh rate maybe even a dynamic refresh rate like we saw on that Samsung laptop but the touch layer on this OLED display is excellent it's very responsive and I love being able to navigate through windows with my finger as well as doing pinch to zoom and the like really really handy.

Webcam & Fingerprint Scanner:

So unfortunately we get a 720p webcam on their 2023 Flagship device not really great here in 2023 especially when we see like HP killing it with their 1440p camera on some of their dragonfly models and so forth or at least the 1080p we've seen a lot of them on Lenovo as well.

we'd like to see it here on the XPS line their Flagship consumer line uh definitely not great but of course as a 720p camera this is certainly adequate for doing your Skype calls your Zoom calls work from home hybrid whatever you may need of course you could always go to an external camera  I know Dell makes the ultra sharp 4K 

Here is that it is an IR camera that means you can log in with face recognition that is pretty good and then of course there is the fingerprint scanner the power button doubles as the fingerprint scanner allowing you to log in with Windows.


I'll test the speakers on this they've been pretty good over the years of course I don't think they're quite as good as the MacBook Pro but of course we'll get a comparison between the two

So stay tuned that audio comparison will be coming but as far as the audio is concerned I'm very happy with consuming media the audio experience has been good gets pretty loud the mids have been good the bass has been pretty good and fills up the room rather nicely.

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