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 Dell Precision 7770

This is the new Dell Precision 7770 to be clear up front Dell did send me this unit to test out and evaluate but all the comments and thoughts are my own Dell did not pay for this review or even really ask for one but here I am giving a review to start off this laptop packs.

Dell Precision 7770
Dell Precision 7770


This laptop packs a ton of Firepower in the form of a 16 core Intel I9 12950hx reaching speeds of up to 5 gigahertz a whopping 128 gigabytes of ddr5 3600 megahertz Ram the new Nvidi RTX a5500 GPU with 16 gigabytes of video memory and one Health of an incredible 4K 120 hertz screen.

My version also came with four terabytes of Gen 4 nvme SSD with the ability to add two more m.2 drives which I utilize because who doesn't like having more hard drive space.


Dell Precision 7770
Dell Precision 7770

The new 7770 boasts a crazy amount of i o in the form of two Thunderbolt 4 ports One USB 3.2 Gen 2 type c Port two usb-a 3.2s an HDMI 2.1 Port SD card reader one gigabit Ethernet port and a headphone jack.

if you're looking for a laptop that's not going to require any dongles this is definitely your best option and another reason why it's been such a pleasure to use.


Dell Precision 7770
Dell Precision 7770

Jumping over to form factor this laptop isn't afraid to show its curves it weighs in at 6.65 pounds has a 17 inch screen but what's remarkable about it is that it still fits in the same case as my Precision 5750 as well as my MacBook Air so while it is larger than most laptops on the market it's still quite travel friendly and delivers the best performance I've ever seen in a mobile Workstation.

Benchmarks (Resolve, After Effects, Premiere Pro)

it's so good in fact that because of its size I can literally edit AK full resolution footage with VFX on the go without having to bring it back to the office this is something that even for my desktop workstation can be a taxing task to do moving over into benchmarks this is where we begin to see the Precision 7770 really shine

Dell Precision 7770
Dell Precision 7770

I'll be comparing the results to a fully specced out Dell Precision 5760 as well as a fully specced out Apple MacBook Pro M1 Max my first test was inside of DaVinci Resolve checking out render times since longop h.265 footage can be incredibly taxing on your system I thought it was the perfect test to start 

Improvement in render times over the other two laptops by 77 in 4k and nearly 300 percent for 1080p there isn't much improvement while rendering out 8K footage but it does nudge out both the 5760 and MacBook Pro by a second or two for the 8K red raw footage we see

Another huge leap in performance as the 7770 comes in 75 faster for 4K renders over the Precision 5760 and 95 faster than the MacBook Pro it gets even better for 1080p showing a 90 increase over th 5760 and a 110 increase over the MacBook Pro for 8K the numbers are more modest at a 33 percent increase over the 5760 and a 46 increase over the MacBook Pro

Rendering out 9k Sony Alpha 1 raw dng files paints a slightly different picture for the precision as it's beat up by the MacBook Pro by 33 percent but it does outperform the 5760 by a whopping 125 percent jumping over to

After Effects I tested it out using a 4K 32-bit particle layer with a glow effect added and the results again show the 7770 leading the pack by a 100 improvement over the 5760 and an 89 improvement over the MacBook Pr inside of Adobe Premiere Pro the 7770 stands out again coming in 50 faster in 8k over the 5760 and a crazy 128 over

The MacBook Pro the most revealing is the 7770s exportation at 1080p as it outperforms the 5760 by being 84 faster and the MacBook Pro by being 657 percent faster I'm not sure if there was something wrong with our MacBook but yowzers in my last Benchmark we encode longop AK Sony Alpha 1 footage to hsat 265 and surprisingly enough the Precision 5760 beat out the 7770 my 3 seconds and 8K but beating out the

MacBook Pro by 28 seconds in 4k we can see an incredible 212 percent decrease over the 5760 and a 150 percent decrease in render time over the MacBook Pro overall as you can see the 7770 performs at its peak Dell definitely didn't hold back when they made this laptop.


if you're under color grading it's a great monitor to use the 17-inch 4k 120hz monitor also boasts a color space of 99 DCI P3 and 100 of srgb and 500 nits which is pretty spectacular the only Improvement I could see for the screen is a thousand nit upgrade for HDR 

Dell Precision 7770
Dell Precision 7770
But overall the quality of the system is near perfect one thing if you're looking to upgrade to a new laptop is to understand that this is meant for high-end processing and production work whether it's with photo video 3D modeling AI learning or programming 

This laptop is meant to be a Workhorse and because of that I will say when you are in performance mode not using efficiency cores this laptop sounds like a jet engine taking off when you put it under a full load in the same vein it's also important to make sure that it has proper airflow because it can get super hot if you're not careful one of the reasons.

Battery Life

Dell Precision 7770
Dell Precision 7770

if you're looking to do high-end performance mode off of AC power you'll find you'll get anywhere from an hour to almost 90 minutes of Pure Performance when strictly using the battery it's not a ton of time but in the same instance This laptop is meant to be plugged in to reach its full potential that being said 

if you get this 6 Cell battery option you can easily take this into the field and work it in efficiency mode with a reduction in performance but the ability to work off of it for anywhere from three to five hours in strictly efficiency mode using efficiency cores only you could potentially see battery life extended anywhere from 8 to 10 hours depending on how much you use it.

Final Thoughts/Gaming

one hidden feature and it's not really that hidden because I've already mentioned it is that the screen has a refresh rate of 120 hertz at 4K which is pretty crazy as it's the only Dell laptop in their lineup that has it so if you want to work hard and play hard you can easily play 4K 120 hertz games like Call of Duty or Battlefield without any issues. 

I will say though that the GPU does get quite hot topping out around 85 degrees Celsius which is pretty toasty but it performs beautifully and is incredible to have overall my experience with the laptop has been a resoundingly positive experience I did have an issue with the processor not switching from efficiency cores to Performance cores

But that's likely because the unit I received was pre-configured it was an easy fix in the Bios and now it purrs like a kitten it's honestly quite hard to find any faults in this laptop the only major difference between this laptop and others like it like the Precision 5770 or even the 16 inch

MacBook Pro would be that it physically weighs about 1.9 pounds more and that's really about it otherwise in my opinion this might be the most perfect laptop ever constructed to date for what it's capable of doing it's ridiculously powerful you can manually upgrade the components like the internal nvme ssds RAM and even the GPU with all these ncredible features though comes the price tag

which may be a shocker to some clocking in an eye-watering 8 200 MSRP for this configuration that I'm currently using that being said it's undoubtedly worth every penny for the performance that you get out of it and I can see myself using this one for at least four to five more years or until they come up with something that's even more powerful.

But at this point Dell along with Intel and Nvidia did one hell of a job putting this laptop together I couldn't be happier now I'd love to hear from you what do you think our workstation laptop.

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