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Today in this article we will provide information about best laptop to buy in 2023 and these laptop are top selling laptop in cyber monday deals so after read out this article and checkout the spec's of these laptop you will get a right decission to buy a best laptop.

Cyber Monday Laptop Deals
Cyber Monday Laptop Deals

1-Asus Flow X13

This is my review of the flow x13 from asus it's this mini laptop that can connect to an external gpu that's equipped with an rtx 3080. it's a very powerful combination and it's something a little bit different and a lot of times when companies come out with something that's a little bit different
Asus Flow X13
Asus Flow X13
The product falls short of expectations right it sounds cool on paper and then i get it in i review and it's like it's not that cool this time it's it's something else this is a very it's just so cool.


This system is running amd's new cpus it's their 5980 hs it's an 8 core cpu 35 watt and it pushes out performance that i have not seen before not just in a mini laptop like this but even regular gaming laptops equipped with intel stuff these new amd chips are amazing and this device is an incredible showcase.

Asus Flow X13
Asus Flow X13
What amd can do with their new processors super thin super portable and yet it crushes if you have any kind of workflow that can take advantage of a lot of cpu cores you're gonna like the performance on this machine.


This is equipped with well there's two gpus in here there's the gpu that's baked onto the amd apu itself like the radeon stuff but i'm gonna focus on the gtx 1650 that's equipped in here so this isn't the main gpu like this is the big stuff but if you're in a pinch and you're just using this laptop on the road and you have to do some graphically capable stuff 

it does have a usable gpu so i did some video editing and some light gaming on this and it's not bad it's not going to be as good as the rtx 3080. we'll get into that in a second but it's usable and thermally it does really well for such a thin and light device.

Build Quality

The exterior of it is made with a magnesium alloy so the top panel and the bottom panel are both made with this tanky and durable feeling material which i like to see the inside panel however like the keyboard deck this i think is a plastic finish and like the top of it has a smooth finish 

Asus Flow X13
Asus Flow X13
But the bottom area like the wrist rest area has this ribbed texture to it so it makes this sound when you rub it the wrong way or poke at it the wrong way but yeah i think it's a comfortable keyboard to type on in terms of the keyboard deck the layout itself i'm partial to it i like this kind of asus keyboard layout 

i've always liked it the arrow keys are in a good spot and there's no weird shift positioning it's a comfortable layout for a 13 inch device and the back lighting is this simple white back lighting you can't change the colors or anything of that sort.


The trackpad this has a smooth finish despite the appearance of that ribbed texture again it's a little small i think it's somewhat expected on a device like this because the package is small but most laptops nowadays have much larger trackpads than this it gets the job done 

Asus Flow X13
Asus Flow X13
But if you're someone who's very gesture dependent like if you do a lot of stuff that's gesture based you might find this thing a little cramped but tracking and the button mechanics are good.


The screen this is a 16 by 10 aspect ratio so it's a little bit taller than your regular screen it's thin bezel good colors but it doesn't get bright like it's reasonably bright i just wish it got way brighter and especially for a premium device like this i feel like it should be brighter 

Asus Flow X13
Asus Flow X13
Now this one is a 4k panel at 60 hertz they do make a if i'm not mistaken a 1080p panel that is 120 hertz now if i had to give a recommendation if you're somehow in the fortunate position of choosing between the two screens i would definitely opt for the 1080p panel like you can play games on a little bit better 

But at this screen size 13 inches you're not really taking advantage of a 4k panel unless you got some very specific needs like your photo editing and that's like that's all you do all day long then maybe go for this one but most people i'd go for the 1080p panel.


Performance is fantastic it's super fast like super super fast it can't keep up with desktop grade components though right if you grab a regular rtx 3080 from a pc build and you compare to this this is definitely slower than a regular rtx 3080 it's even slower than a rtx 3070

But considering what's going on here in 150 watt package that is small and quiet and relatively portable this thing is pretty impressive the connection is proprietary so you are dependent on asus to make new ones of these right if you know two years from now you want to have an upgrade to your system

if you are so fortunate to own this thing you need asus to make another one of these within our own rtx 4080 or whatever that happens in the future you need them to do it you can't upgrade this thing yourself at least not from what i saw when opening it we'll pop it open a second

But the power cable or the connection cable powers the system as well as the bandwidth for the gpu if you want to disconnect it like you want to remove your laptop and leave from this gpu you have to click it in software to let it know before you do the disconnection process.

Battery Life

The battery here 62 watt hours and it's okay like i feel like on a device like this because it's got that two-in-one capability and it's theoretically possible that the student want to bring this to school or someone want to bring this to work it doesn't last long enough for what i would consider to be like a full day battery

i got six hours just under six hours on my regular test so screen it 250 nits with regular browsing and stuff like that it's okay but i do have the 4k panel so if you had the 1080p panel it probably go to seven and a half hours as my guess maybe seven but that is battery life.

2-ThinkPad Z13

Lenovo's ThinkPad z13 a highly requested laptop on this website why because on the surface it takes every box you could look for in a premium super portable laptop it's got a gorgeous edge to edge display a solid high quality chassis a comfortable ThinkPad keyboard 

Thinkpad Z13
Thinkpad Z13
and the most desirable processor available in a PC laptop right now an AMD ryzen 6000u series one from the outside this looks like the perfect premium portable laptop.


This is a premium laptop my bar is higher than for laptops that cost a lot less screen is great I have the 1920x1200 model I was worried the display would seem noticeably more pixelated than the 4K plus display on my Dell XPS with a similar size screen it didn't there was enough pick pixels for the small size screen brightness peaked at over 400 nits

Thinkpad Z13
Thinkpad Z13
which is great colors for on-screen content viewing were very good but for editing photos or films on this laptop the Adobe RGB and P3 coverage isn't as good as on a macbook's display the amount of content you can comfortably view on screen without needing to squint is determined by multiple factors including screen brightness pixel density and screen size

when I ran my Excel test to see how much content I could see on screen without needing to squint this laptop showed the least out of its competitors I believe this is due to the lower pixel density and the slightly smaller 13.3 inch screen verse say the 13.4 inch of the XPS 13 plus and the 13.6 of the MacBook Air M2 

if you purchase a z13 with a higher density 2880 by 1800 display you may find yourself able to see more content on screen the screen is 60 hertz and I detected no PW on flickering or annoying Reflections during my use also the touchscreen worked well and was a nice touch.


The keyboard was one of the stars of the show thinkpads used to be known as having the most comfortable keyboards of any laptop available but recent thinkpads I've tested unfortunately took a turn for the worse their keyboards fought noticeably low travel they weren't bad 

Thinkpad Z13
Thinkpad Z13
But not at the heights of thinkpads of old the good news is this keyboard is back to feeling very comfortable to use yes still a little low travel but it's definitely one of the more comfortable laptop keyboards around it has satisfying click as you press the key the downside is that it is loud 

if you are an intense touch hyper and you attend a lot of in-person meetings or classes other people in the room will likely hear you typing and be distracted a couple more notes on the keyboard I am glad to see that this is the first ThinkPad I've used that uses a traditional keyboard layout and doesn't have the function and control key swapped you could swap them

Back in lenovo's Vantage software of course but it annoyed me that they had such fundamental keys in different places yes I know ThinkPad lovers that it's a historical ThinkPad theme.


The trackpad I don't love in fact I believe it is the biggest downside of this laptop there are three reasons I don't like it first it's very slippery and hard to be accurate on even when I tried slowing down the cursor speed second

Thinkpad Z13
Thinkpad Z13
if you use this laptop propped up on your lap either in bed or on a couch it has trouble registering your fingers movements if something like a blanket or article of clothing is touching the trackpad there were many times that I was using the laptop on the couch on a blanket and my finger gliding across the trackpad wasn't registered at all and

Third the trackpad has a physical line and dots in it that make gliding over this part of the trackpad feel disjointed and distracting what's happened is to support the iconic red trackpoint they have removed the physical buttons for it that used to sit above the trackpad and instead expanded the trackpad size this I like 

But they have marked a part of the trackpad with this physical line to separate the button area for the track point unfortunately this approach really screws up the trackpad experience I'd suggest leaving the red trackpoint and just going with a smooth trackpad surface.

CPU Performance

The performance let's start with geekbench which tests a variety of common short running tasks it's substantially slower than the competition particularly in single core switching to cinebench which tests the laptop when it's under full CPU load it performs very well beating up both the Intel P-Series CPU 

in my Dell XPS 13 plus and the M2 MacBook Air this is not uncommon for AMD CPUs by the way they tend to perform best in sustained heavy workloads particularly as they run less hot than Intel CPUs and therefore don't have to be throttled as much to keep the CPU at a safe operating temperature 

That being said in this small chassis Lenovo struggles to keep this powerful AMD CPU cool when I ran cinebench R23 continuously for a 10 minute torture test you can see a large drop in performance you can see the power fed to the processor drops substantially during that time more 

So than on my Intel Dell XPS 13 plus please note the MacBook Air M2 doesn't have a fan at all so the reason it is dropping is because reducing the power fit to the processor is the only lever it has to keep that device cool CPU temperatures all peaked at 100 degrees or more in the case of my MacBook Air M2

By the way as you may have seen in these graphs I really didn't notice any performance difference from running the laptop in its Extreme Performance mode.

Battery Performance

The battery performance does drop a bit less than on my Intel XPS 13 plus though for my battery life test I set all settings for the best possible battery performance then I lowered the screen brightness to around 200 nits I played a Netflix movie on repeat over Wi-Fi for 4 hours at the end of the test I recorded 66 battery remaining which is very good

if we extrapolate out you should be able to hit close to 12 hours on the z13 with the display I have I did retest my XPS 13 plus at the same time and it had 49 remaining however my XPS does have the high resolution 4K display light which likely draws more power but on the flip side the z13 has a smaller battery at 51.5 watts versus the XPS is 55.


Let's talking about pricing this laptop is very expensive on Lenovo side it started over 2 000 US Dollars that's for the six Core ryzen 5 model by the way and for the ryzen 7 model but I have more than 2 500. I did find it a lot cheaper on B H's site for two thousand dollars for the model but if you buy such laptop from amazon it will be cost to you approx 1300 US Dollar Which is a good deal rather than lenovo official site.

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