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 Dell Alienware M15

Alienware is in every gamer's wishlist so when this arrived the dell alienware m15 r7 i was excited to check it out and see if this is a good gaming laptop you should buy.

dell alienware m15 r7
Dell Alienware M15 R7

Alienware RGB

So this is the laptop and this has the whole alienwave vibe all across let's talk rgb lighting because gamers rgb strip across the bottom totally customizable rgb keyboard with perky rgb lighting rgb on the power button with multiple colors lastly rgb in the logo i also like the hexagonal vents 

Dell Alienware M15 R7
Dell Alienware M15 R7

all around beat above the keyboard or on the back and this whole color is what they'll call the dark side of the moon this is a mix of black and dark gray which i think looks nice so it's alienware and it looks like an alienware but the specs are also what makes this a high-end gaming laptop.

Specs & Benchmarking

The alienware m15 r7 comes in both amd and intel variants outside united states however in united states they're only the intel variants the variant we have comes with the 12 gen intel edge series chipset score i7 12 700 edge with 14 cores including six performance scores and eight efficiency cores

Dell Alienware M15 R7
Dell Alienware M15 R7

There's also 20 threads with intel thread director 45 or tdp it comes with the rdx 3060 gpu with 6gb vram and 130 watt tdp the storage is the latest gen 4 ssd and the ram is also the fast ddr5 ram model in a dual channel design now we did open up the laptop and you can see that the ram and storage can be upgraded there's also the two fans with four heat pipes anyway 

We did run some benchmarks you can see the gen 4 ssd speeds in the crystal disk mark score we also ran cinebench both single and multi-core and the performance was good in line with 12 generate series chipsets 3d mark score is also pretty good.

Gaming Performance

When it comes to actual gaming performance alienware lives up to its name and is excellent when it comes to gaming we tried a mix of triple a titles and esports titles and the performance is excellent without problems throughout here is ghostbuy tokyo in action with rate racing set to low and the fps is around 50 60. 

i know ray racing can be demanding but turning off setting the graphics so high instead of ultra produces much better results we also played elder ring at match graphic settings and the performance is good with fps going over 70 80 at most times

Now it's actually games like rainbow six siege which make better use of the high refresh rate screen here with frame rates hitting 190 and even above on ultra settings.

360HZ Display

The screen here is a full hd display with a super high 360 hertz refresh rate and one millisecond of response time which makes it perfect for fps games so the screen is responsive no doubt but it also makes sense for day to day usage and multimedia see the colors look fairly good 

Dell Alienware M15 R7
Dell Alienware M15 R7

The blacks are decent for an ips panel and the viewing angles are actually very good for a laptop display this display is also dolby vision certified but i did not see the vision tag in the netflix windows app also one thing to note this is not the brightest display i think del could have done better than 300 nets.


Back to the performance the point is we encountered no lag while playing any of the games that we played and the performance was consistent and i think a big plus here is alienware's cryotech cooling technology which basically has dual fan sucking in the air from the top and bottom vents and pushing it out from the left right and the rear vents this results in excellent cooling 

which always keeps the device well within the safe temperature range in fact during gaming the palm rears the keyboard these remain comfortable to use they do not get too hot and interestingly the fans even on turbo mode do not get too loud to be bothersome so that is something

i really appreciated you can turn on the thermal performance profile by either the alienware command center or pressing function plus f1 and this just puts the system into overdrive.

Alienware Command Center

The alienware command center is also a great app to control everything about this laptop the home tab lets you quickly turn on a performance profile turn on an overclocking preset or even see games that you have installed the library tab shows you all the games and you can set the term performance power plan and even an fx theme 

Which is the keyboard profile you can create for every game individually the next app lets you control all the rgb on the laptop be the keyboard the alien power logo the alien head on the back of the laptop or the back rgb strip the fusion tab is where the drill action is the crux here is the overclocking 

Which allows users to overclock the gpu in this laptop to a certain limit you can do it by manually adjusting its power limit thermal limit core clock and memory clock or you can use the two preset overclocking profiles yeah this is very handy lastly there's also the dolby tab which lets you adjust the dolby vision settings as well as the dolby atmos settings.


Now the laptop has two speakers producing 5 watt output and the speakers are better than what i've heard on many laptops they're fairly loud which makes it good for entertaining purposes the details in sound is also good but yeah there's no bass which is kind of expected in a laptop speaker setup.

Portability & Ports

Now one thing to note about this laptop is that this is not the most portable design this weighs 2.4 kgs and combine that with this big hefty adapter this is not the most easiest to carry around i do like the ports though the left has the lan port and the mic headphone jack the back has a thunderbolt 4 port 

Dell Alienware M15 R7
Dell Alienware M15 R7

So that you can connect multiple 4k displays there's also usb a port and hdmi 2.1 and on the right you get two fast usb a ports with one of them supporting power share which means it can power other devices even when the laptop is off apart from the ports the laptop has wi-fi 6e and bluetooth 5.2 support.

Keyboard & Trackpad

The laptop even in the dark the keyboard has the n key rollover tech with 1.8 millimeters of key travel and this brings a good typing speed the keycaps are big enough and don't feel restricted the keys are also responsive and tactile and i like the media control keys on the right to say increase the volume quickly or mute 

Dell Alienware M15 R7
Dell Alienware M15 R7

Now since the upper vent and the keyboard take up most of the space here the trackpad is kind of smaller than one would expect however it is super smooth and responsive and it supports windows gestures when it comes to the windows live experience there are obviously microsoft apps and apps like spotify and adobe express pre-installed.


The battery is an 86 wattage 6l battery and you get a 240 watt adapter now we generally tested laptop with the adapter plugged in because this is a gaming laptop but if you ask me about battery life we got around three to four hours.

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