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MSI Prestige 13 EVO 

New Prestige 13 Evo with Intel's 13th generation processor for Ultrabooks it's the first laptop I've had in with one of these new processors it's so new that MSI literally sent me their engineering sample that they showed at CES 

So today we're going to thoroughly test this laptop and I'm going to tell you its pros including performance it's cons and then how it Stacks up first the competition let's start with the positives the i7 1370p processor in my unit is fast really fast before I show you the results heads up Intel's 13th generation of laptop processors 

MSI Prestige 13 EVO | Today Best Laptop Deal on Amazon
MSI Prestige 13 EVO
Now has four Rangers u-series for small lightweight laptops that don't need that much performance P series like in this one which is a step up in performance 8 series for large powerful laptops like gaming ones and then HX which is their newest range for Extreme Performance these ranges supersede the older I5 i7 designation

For example

an i5 from the 8 series will likely be more powerful than an i7 from the P series very confusing we already had four designations I3 I5 i7 and I9 did we really need to make the lineup this large and confusing for buyers I think not anyway for most of my viewers who are interested in a decent portable laptop the P series is probably the most common one that you will find out there and as mentioned as this is an engineering sample the final version of this laptop May improve performance.


What you're about to see in geekbench which tests a variety of common performance tasks The Prestige 13 Evo beat out Dell's pedal to the metal XPS 13 plus from 2022 as well as my MacBook Pro 14 with the base M1 Pro chip in fact out of all the premium laptops

I tested it against it was only beaten by the MacBook Air with M2 and that was only in single core very solid start for the MSI by the way my MacBook Pro 14s with the new M2 Chip have started to arrive so make sure you're subscribed with the notification Bell on that way you'll be notified the moment which tests the processor's performance Under full load 

it's an even bigger win for this laptop destroying my field of expensive high-end laptops from last year for both single and multi-core that is and yes that includes an AMD laptop which normally dominates this test I next ran a torture test of cinebench on a loop for 10 minutes performance dropping

which indicates that this laptop can't fully keep the processor cool not surprising as this laptop is Tiny that being said it again beat out all the other laptops I've tested it against guys a score of over 10 000 in Cinemax during a torture test for a laptop this size it is phenomenal taking a look at Power drawer during that torture test 

This laptop Drew less power than the XPS with last year's 12th gen P series processor even though as I showed you it performed better and you can see that performance per watt is much better in the 13th gen P series than it was for Intel's 12. heck it's even and better than Intel's most efficient u-series processor from last year.


The display for the most part is good it gets very bright I measured over 450 nits the colors are accurate for on-screen viewing and the display is matte and non-reflective I thought the lower pixel density of 1920x1200 would bother me as I prefer sharper higher resolution displays 

But honestly on this small 13.3 inch screen text look sharp enough for my eyes and it does have the desirable 16x10 aspect ratio.


This laptop is super lightweight only 2.2 pounds making it an absolute joy to carry around this is made possible by using a magnesium alloy chassis it's the same kind of material that you'd find in LG's lightweight gram laptops this makes it feel sturdy 

But light in fact this laptop feels sturdier than the gram I recently tested and the chassis has this matte texture to it which is very comfortable to hold.


The ports are also plentiful for a laptop this size you've got two USBC ports that both support fast Thunderbolt 4 and a single usb-8 5 gigabit Port you've got an HDMI 2.0 port and a Micro SD card reader and finally the laptop just looks really cool.


I don't love about this laptop firstly the keys are smaller than on other laptops I've recently tested take a look at it compared to my Dell XPS 13 plus the Dell's keys are wider and are taller the MSI instead has more space around the keys this makes the typing experience feel a little cramped you do get used to it 

This keyboard suffers from the wide colored keys with a light colored backlight issue in daylight from certain angles it can be hard to make out which keys are which when you have the backlight on you have to remember to turn off the backlight during the day

Next Under full performance load this laptop gets very hot to the touch during that torture test that I mentioned earlier I measured the laptop's underside heating to over 50 degrees Celsius which is nuts you will definitely want to avoid using this laptop on your lap when doing something intensive for high performance tasks

Only use it on a table or even better plugged into an external monitor keyboard and mouse next Intel's 13th Gen processor hasn't improved their aging integrated Graphics not msi's fault but for integrated Graphics these Intel processors suck they are very far behind apple and AMD only the most basic of games from very old titles will be playable on this laptop 


The webcam really isn't that great here I am in the best possible lighting conditions oh and saving my most hated to last it comes with Norton 360 which constantly tries to convince you into paying for a subscription it has tons of pop-ups even if you turn off notifications in Windows 

and if you think you can just uninstall it you can't its uninstalled screen is broken the button you need to click is not even on the page perhaps it's broken by Design now in the not quite a pro or con category memory is soldered and storage is upgradable people I say not quite a pro or con as this laptop is so small.


Let's go over pricing there are two models that will be on sale and 999 US dollar model that has last year's Intel 12th Gen 1240p processor 16 gig of RAM and 512 gigs of storage then there is also a more premium version for 1499. with this year's 13th Gen 1360p processor 32 gig of RAM and 1 terabytes of storage.

MSI Prestige 13 Evo in Just $1,499 on Amazon 

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