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Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Gaming Laptop

The Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Gaming Laptop was one of the best gaming laptops last year combining the beefy hardware with excellent design and that hd 16x10 screen it quickly gained a special place in my heart so what's it like this year does this 2022's legion 5 pro live up to the legacy of its predecessor well to nobody's surprise the answer is yes this year too they have kept everything great about the previous generation and improved on it.

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Gaming Laptop
Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Gaming Laptop

Pricing & Specs:

let's talk about the pricing my legion 5 pro is configured with the ryzen 7 6800 h CPU rt x 3060 GPU 16 GB of ddr5 ram and one tv ssd which cost around hundred dollars in the us some two lakh thirty thousand rupees here in Nepal and around one like fifty thousand rupees in India.

if you want more graphics power you can also opt for the rt x 3070 or 3070 ti versions similarly you're not aware lenovo also sells the legion 5i pro which is basically the intel variant. 


Lenovo has a further simplified the looks of the legion fibro this time while last year's model featured a big glowing white logo on the lid that has been replaced with a simple legion texture the keyboard color also matches the body 

Now which adds to the flush minimal look of this device that aside it still has the top notch build quality that i like the same true strike keyboard and the same build materials for me its build quality leaves no room for complaints and i think this is one of the best looking gaming laptops out there 

Unfortunately it still comes with the same comically large power brick here you're looking at a package of over 3 kg which is sure to take a toll on your back if you move around with your laptop a lot anyway there is not much to talk about the design because most of it has remained the same it is.


The display is not that different this time either and once again i can't help but be amazed by it i mean just look at the specs a 16 inch HDD screen with a smooth 165 hertz refresh rate 3ms response time and 500 nits of brightness all while boosting 100 srgb gamut furthermore 

you can even choose between different color profiles like srgb and rec 709 inside the x right color assistant app i measured its contrast ratio at thousand seventy is to one which is slightly lower than what we got on last year's model but it leaves no room for complaints in terms of viewing angles and white balance in my tests

i found that this screen covers 98 srgb and 73 p3 gamut so apart from gaming and multimedia consumption this thing is good enough for photo editing and similar workloads as well at uh 530 units brightness the legion 5 pro screen is easily visible outdoors too and setting it at 50 to 75 was comfortable enough for my eyes in a well-lit room like 

Display besides this whether you're gaming or coding or reading up stuff this 16 is to 10 aspect ratio makes a big difference.

Keyboard & Trackpad:

Getting to the keyboard my unit has four zone rgb lighting whereas it is also available with a simple white back light there's also the stingray white version which looks quite elegant with its blue back lit keys okay while i was not that much of a fan of the keyboard on the last gen legion five pro this one has actually grown on me so much 

So that i now prefer the legion two-strike keyboard over the keyboards on most other gaming laptops it gives off a decent tactile feel while gaming and typing the key caps.


The Speakers of such device feels recessed and the mids outshine everything else after some tinkering into the nahimic app i was able to get a slightly immersive audio experience.


 If you are a streamer you should probably get an aftermarket webcam for much better quality all right.


Now talk about the most important aspect of a gaming laptop the performance this year you can pick up the legion 5 pro configured with an amd ryzen 6600 edge or ryzen 7 6800 edge lenovo has discontinued the usage of rdx 3050 here and the gpu options you have

Now include rtx 3060 3070 and 37 ti and as i mentioned earlier i have the ryzen 7 6800 edge plus 140 watt rdx 3060 combo which i think is the most value for money this is the first ryzen 6000 series equipped laptop to arrive in our office and i was quite eager to find out how different it is from intel's 12th gen processor

So i fired up a bunch of benchmarks right away and it seems that the 12 gen is still a leader as far as raw performance is concerned  asus stuff f15 with core i7 12 700 cpu that i recently reviewed pretty much dominated the ryzen 7 6800 edge.

Gaming Experience:

Gaming experience is higher than the top f15 with intel 12 gen likewise the legion 5 pro easily sailed through gta 5 and borderlands 3 at high preset with over 100 fps on average

Hitman 3 on the other hand yielded an average of 66 fps and similar to the tough f-15 i did not find any notable improvement when dropping the settings to media playing control on ultra with rate racing set to high was a decent experience with the fps averaging at 56 or 69 fps on medium settings on the other hand cyberpunk 2077 

Battery & Charging:

This year's legion 5 pro has the same 80 watt cell as its predecessor but despite this i was getting like one or two hours of additional screen on time here in my general usage it lasted me four to six hours on average under my regular usage you can get much more than six hours of screen on time.

However this does come with a significant performance drop so i'd only use it when there is a power cut or something for charging this big 300 watt charger.


let's wrap up this review now and it's no surprise that the 2022 edition of the legion 5 pro gets a big seal of approval from me granted its amd Processor.

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