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Dell G15 Gaming Laptop

Dell's new g15 gaming laptop is probably one that you should consider buying but there are at least three important issues that you need to be aware about first the first main problem that i've got with this laptop is the screen most of the lower configurations come with a 120hz screen and i measured it with a lower 22 millisecond response time and this is actually quite low similar to many other 60hz laptops.

Dell G15 Honest Review
Dell G15 Honest Review


Basically just because it says it's 120hz on the spec sheet does not mean it's going to offer a smooth gaming experience there's more to it than that like the response time now i don't think i'm someone that's actually that sensitive to a slow response time screen

But in pretty much every game that i played on this machine i did notice blur while just moving around now although this is the first of three major issues that i've got with the g15 you can at least fix it with money dell also offers the g15 with a higher tier 165 hertz screen and that has better color gamut

Higher brightness and faster response time it's just all around a better panel than the 120hz one i've got here now it seems to vary by region but here in australia you can't actually buy the amd ryzen model with that faster 165hzscreen the 120hz screen is the only option available unless you go for intel

So it seems kind of weird that you have to go intel in some countries if you want the better screen fortunately that's not the case in the us market though it is possible to buy the amd ryzen version of this laptop with the faster 165 hertz screen but currently only the top-end spec with the rtx 3060 comes with that at this time at least it doesn't seem that you can get the better screen with the 3050 options but hey hopefully this changes over time.


The gaming laptops seem to ship with x8 memory it's only really been in 2021 theory of supply shortages that a lot of laptop companies have had to resort to using slower x16 memory and that's just simply because they can't buy enough in bulk it kind of sucks

Because you can see in this example that with this simple memory change we can get a decent boost to average fps and shadow of the tomb raider so basically with the memory that the g15 ships with

we're basically leaving performance on the table now fortunately like the screen this is something that can be fixed with money if you really want to you can go out and buy some more memory and upgrade the laptop yourself that said i'd probably test it out first and see if it's actually something you notice 

Before you go and spend more money because honestly when i was testing this thing out in different games it was playing quite well even with the default memory it was one of the better rtx 3060 laptops.

External / Chassis:

Now as i mentioned this is a cost-conscious laptop there certainly is no frills this is all about the power under the hood and you can see what they've done to save some money this is an all plastic chassis but even though it's plastic it still feels nice and solid there isn't a lot of flex or creak 

so it does feel reasonably premium it's certainly not like a cheap sort of 300 pound sort of you know walmart laptop it's got a reasonable heft to it weighing about 2.8 kilograms and another area that they've sort of in my opinion sort of saved a bit of money is there's no indent or any easy way to sort of grab hold of the lid to lift it open which makes prying open this laptop a little bit challenging.

Deck / Keyboard:

once inside though you have the usual plastic palm rest and the g series keyboard now this keyboard is pretty good it's a great layout we actually get a number pad which you don't get on the alienwares and the keyboard does feel pretty nice to type on but the key response and travel is much nicer on the alienware keyboard so this is an air

where they've saved a little bit of money but for a budget gaming laptop you'd be more than happy using this keyboard it's also backlit now i've just chosen the white backlit model but there is also a multi-zone rgb backlit if you prefer that sort of rgb sort of feel and the lighting is controlling anywhere.


if you're buying an anywhere laptop the trackpad is reasonably small and it's plastic got a bit of a cheap feel to it especially if you're used to a glass trackpad but the gestures and the tracking do work very well it just doesn't feel as premium as if you say you're using it anywhere.


The speakers are about on par with a gaming laptop they sound like this speaker test of the dell g15 special edition so there we go they do get pretty loud they're not the best speakers in the world i'd say they're pretty much on par.


The laptop's got a webcam and a mic above the actual screen and they look and sound like this and this is a test of the webcam and the microphones on the dell g15 special edition for 2022 and another area where dell have cut a few sort of corners to save some money is there's no windows

Hello features on this laptop no matter what you upgrade there's no fingerprint reader and there's no windows hello included with the webcam so unfortunately you will be just logging in with a password but considering the price of this machine you can kind of understand.


Now performance wise i'm incredibly impressed with this laptop i really expected the thermal system of this laptop not to be able to cope with the 12700h that dell have put in here but this benchmark is very similar to the m15r7 giving us incredible cpu scores in cinebench and geekbench on this laptop and the benchmark scores for the price of this laptop is truly incredible 

and a big step up from laptops of last year this is the first time i can say this because all the other laptops we've tested with these 12th generation cpus have been incredibly expensive this one in the uk was only 1200 pounds and to get like next generation level cpu performance on these laptops is mind-blowing at this price and with regards to the rtx 3060 

in this laptop dell have actually given us the 130 watt maximum value for this 3060 meaning the performance is absolutely fantastic as far as 3060s go and this laptop keeps pace with our much more expensive anywhere x15r2 with a 3060.


We running through our gaming benchmarks this laptop performs exactly where you'd expect it for this 12700h and the 3060 and whilst gaming there's absolutely no throttling at all it performs absolutely amazingly and the fan noise if left to balance 

it's only 40 decibels it's very comfortable to listen to there's no whining fans and if you use the gamer key which is actually just f9 if you haven't actually paid for the gamer key upgrade it's still exactly the same that actually boosts the actual fan to give you 52 decibels of noise 

But allows for a slightly cooler laptop and slightly better performance from electrical components inside with regards to actual heat on the actual palm rest and the keyboard absolutely amazing in my use so far in the gaming the palmas and the wsd key are cool to the touch and as you come across to the middle of the keyboard it does warm up slightly

But not to an uncomfortable level and the only hot area on the top section of this laptop is right at the very top just underneath the monitor where it's exhausting that hot air and even then it's not that bad and actually slightly less than the anywheres we've reviewed making this an absolutely great gaming experience 

Which when coupled with this amazing 1440p 240hz panel is incredible gaming performance now although the rtx 3060 is a great 1080p cards running at this native 4040p could be a little bit difficult at some of the more demanding aaa titles but the great news is when you actually run this scaled to 1080p it still looks absolutely amazing so you don't need to worry about running this off mesh.

Battery Life:

The battery life it's been really good on this model and in fact slightly better than the alienwares we've been testing doing our usual video streaming test over wifi at 200 bits of brightness and 50 speaker volume i got just under six hours of battery life on this 86 watt hour battery really quite impressive for a gaming

laptop especially after all the other 12 generators have been quite disappointing and when it comes to actually charging the laptop unfortunately as i said there's no power delivery through the thunderbolt so you will have to rely on the dell power pack and unfortunately we're still using the old 240 watt power pack 

we've been using for years this is quite large but it is reasonably slim so it fits in your bag nicely and it is reasonably weighty so you do have to take this to consideration but overall this is still quite a portable system to take around with you and use on the go. 

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