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Asus Tuf Gaming F15

I really think now is a great time to buy a gaming laptop and if you have a budget of around fifteen hundred dollars or someone like fifty thousand if you live in india i think this guy the asus tuf gaming f15 2023 edition is an excellent option and not just for gamers but for content creators out there too.

Asus Tuf Gaming F15  Best Gaming Laptop
Asus Tuf Gaming F15

Asus TUF F15 Specification:

The asus tuf series real quick since they all sound so similar here the tuf f15 and a15 are pretty much the same except that the f15 is powered by intel's 12 gen cpu while the a15 has amd's rising 6000 series cpu on the contrary the tuf dash f15 has a somewhat cleaner design and a marginally slimmer

My unit of the tuf f15 is powered by the intel core i7 12700 cpu 140 watt rdx 3060 gpu um 16 gb of ddr5 memory and a terabyte of pcie gen 3 ssd this configuration costs around one like 47000 rupees in india or some fifteen hundred dollars in the us and for that price this is a one of the most powerful laptops.

Performance & Bench marking:

Now the sheer performance jump that the 12 gen processors bring is just staggering it absolutely annihilates last year's 11 gen cpu b8 in terms of single core or multi-core workloads just look at cinebench r23 its single and multi-core scores are the highest in our entire database

Similarly this 12 gen cpu posts a double digit performance jump in other tests like 7zip vray 5 and corona on top of productivity benchmarks like puget bench and spec workstation talking about productivity i also tried editing a 1080p video project on premiere pro here and it handled everything from adding animation and text layers with a breeze.

Gaming Performance:

The gaming asus has also added a mux switch this time in case you don't know a multiplexer or mux switch basically lets you disable a cpu's integrated graphics so that it does not get to bottleneck the faster discrete gpu's performance with this asus says that you can expect roughly five to ten percent better performance on average

Now that might sound worth it to some but in this case i am not that convinced mainly because of one reason the thing is the tuf f15s display is not g-sync compatible although it does support vesa's adaptive sync technology but since adaptive sync does not work.

Design & Connectivity:

Design wise asus tuf 15  has made some visual changes compared to last  model it still is a  fat lan but  commendable  is that in spite of all the internal upgrades they have managed to minimize the chassis volume by a bit and is 100 grams lighter than its predecessor to and since this is atuf series laptop it does not disappoint in the durability department as well 

Besides the military grade toughness its hinge its lid and keyboard deck are all solid the soft matte finish on the keyboard deck that does not attract fingerprints as much is a nice touch too above it you can also see a funky x-shaped set of led indicators which are visible even with the let's close

The connectivity side of things is also pretty decent here there's a kensington lock and a single usb 3.2 gen1 type a port on the right on the left side you get an additional usb 3.2 gen1 type a port alongside a 3.5 mm headphone jack a usb 3.2 gen 2 type c port thunderbolt 4 and hdmi 2.0 b and rj45 and a power connector likewise this year's tuf f15.


Asus TUF F15 brings some neat upgrades in the display department there are a total of three options that you can choose from where content creators can go for the wqhd variant with 100 dci p3 gamut and a 165hz refresh rate while its entry-level model has a 144hz refresh rate and an underwhelming 62.5 srgb coverage

But if you play a lot of fast-paced games i would advise you to go with the 300 hertz variant like the one i have with me and this one also has a decent 98 srgb and 74 p3 color coverage here the color reproduction looks pleasing the brightness is fairly decent and the contrast level is not half bad either considering its ips nature

There's also a layer of matte coating here to prevent indoor light reflections from getting in your way similarly the viewing angles is also quite nice there is some drop in saturation and brightness levels but only when you're looking at it from extreme angles.

Speaker's Quality:

Its downward firing speakers were somewhat better the video watching experience on the tuf f15 would have been terrific even when playing around with different equalizer presets in the dolby access app i could not settle for an enjoyable audio quality.


Keyboard here as last year you're looking at a full-size chiclet keyboard with 1.7 mm key travel and a dedicated numpad and everything they have quite and rather soft feedback and the actual typing experience on this keyboard is actually not that bad  This is also a backlit keyboard with single zone rgb that's configurable via the armory crate app.

Battery Life:

Battery life the tuf f-15 features a big 90 watt hour 6l battery but because it's feeding such power hungry silicons the battery life is not great here i only managed to get around two and a half hours of screen on time under my regular usage with silent mode and standard gpu profile turned on however you can almost double the battery endurance by switching to the eco mode.

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