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Hp Spector X360

Today I'm going to tell you what it's like to own and use the HP Specter 13.5 X360 for 2022 who should buy it how it compares to last year's model and other competitors that you may be considering because I've been using this laptop almost exclusively for the last couple of weeks and I personally bought and owned last year's model myself 

Hp Spector X360
Hp Spector X360


The OLED screen is a joy to look at it's very color accurate it's bright it's high resolution and the rare 3x2 aspect ratio will ensure you see a ton of information on screen specifically for applications that go down the page like word web browsers and software development Ideas 

it's almost the perfect display with two exceptions to call out pwm flickering is used this turns the screen on and off very fast to control brightness

But I didn't have any issues in my use of this laptop and lastly it only has a 60hz refresh rate so movement on screen won't won't be as smooth as on a faster refresh rate display but all in all it's a display that your friends will be envious of if you have this device looks and feels premium.


The webcam looks and sounds in excellent lighting conditions it's filming in 1440 and I think it looks pretty decent the laptop can be flipped around to use as a tablet and comes with a tilt pen that worked well although I'm not a graphic artist 

so I'm not sure how well it really works and for a premium laptop the pricing is excellent if you pick this laptop up on sale Best Buy.


Let's see how this Intel 12 gen i7u series processor performs I'm going to test both the default balance mode and performance mode configurable in the HP Command Center Software we will start with geekbench which has a variety of common short running tasks you can see that it performs much better than last year's 

it's competitive it beat out the 6 core 12 thread ryzen 5 6600 HS in the IdeaPad 5 Pro 14 I recently tested switching to cinebench which tests the laptop

You should look elsewhere if you want the best performance but honestly a score of over 8000 in cinebench it's not bad either looking at how the laptop maintains its performance over a 10 minute torture test you can see that when in best performance mode there is a drop but not by that much looking at the laptop's power draw

Simply can't effectively call this processor by the way take a look at how efficient the MacBook Pro 14 with the M1 Pro chip is compared to this in Intel processor

I did not test graphics performance of this laptop extensively as the integrated graphics performance of these Intel chips is extremely subpar when compared to apple or AMD Laptop.

I'm happy enough with it I do think HP made the right choice as to which processor to put in the laptop well given how unavailable AMD ryzen 6000 new series processors seem to be however I will say this in everyday use although the laptop was fast enough it wasn't the snappiest Performing laptop that I've used the MacBook Pro 14 

When on battery is quite decent there isn't much of a drop particularly when you run the laptop on best performance mode and to test battery life I set the screen's brightness as close to 200 nits as possible I then ran a movie from Netflix playing on a repeat over Wi-Fi for 4 hours at the end I recorded 57 remaining


This year's model is ridiculous the headphone mic combo Jack has been moved to the diagonal back edge of the laptop where the USBC Port is on the other side these ports are hard to plug cables into since you can't see them from where you would sit facing the laptop they are also easy to knock the USBC connections also don't seem to go fully in which is odd and unfortunately both charging capable ports are on the right side.


The sound although loud is a bit muddy sounding it definitely does not compete with the speakers in Apple's MacBook Pros and saving the worst.

Conclusion of HP Spectre x360:

The Specter 13.5 X360 is one of the better laptops that I've reviewed this year specifically for those who are looking for a laptop for office work browsing the web or school for this use case you've got one of the best keyboards in a laptop a display others will be envious of it's lightweight given the size of the screen there's enough performance and the price is very good the main downsides are that

I prefer you go that route it's a better laptop overall it's more powerful has better battery life better ports speakers Etc you will sacrifice a bit of portability compared to the Specter though as the MacBook is a little heavier and when it comes to comparing the MacBook Air with M2 to this laptop this laptop's keyboard is quite a bit better 

So it's a bit closer that being said I'd still recommend you get the MacBook Air with M2 over this but if you do want a PC laptop and 

I'd strongly consider it compared to the XPS 13 plus that laptop feels more premium and it's more portable due to its size but the Specter can be found at a better price and can be more useful due to its screen size and aspect ratio I'm also testing how it compares the new X1 Carbon right.

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